Solovair is a brand of shoes Made in England , created by the historic British shoe NPS " Northamptonshire Productive Society " Shoes Ltd , founded in 1881st Wellingborough , Northamptonshire , the heart of the most authentic British manufacturing industry .
Solovair is noted for having the exclusive patented " Air Cushion Sole" which makes extremely comfortable fit . A comfort that joins the resistance and durability, thanks to the construction entirely resole Goodyear Welt .
Already in the 60s these technical qualities were recognized at the international level and formed the premise for the creation of an iconic model today : the boot Dr. Martens in its British version , with rubber sole air cushion Solovair . Since 1995 Solovair has obtained the exclusive rights to the production , packaging the model under the aegis of its brand until 2003 , when Dr. Martens moved production in Asia.
Even today, Solovair shoes are hand made by the descendants of the shoemakers who founded the first company of 900, produced with the same care , with the same form and with the same equipment. Even today , the quality of Solovair is linked to the passionate work and craftsmanship that every shoe moves to the wisdom and the art of a century of Hand- Made in England .
Technique and experience , tradition and solidity, care and dedication. This is the ethics of Solovair .

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