Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo was born in 1898 in Bonito , a small town about a hundred kilometers from Naples, the eleventh of fourteen children. Not yet a teenager demonstrates great passion for shoes : a 11 year old apprentice to a shoemaker in Naples and at 13 he opened his own shop in Bonito. Salvatore has clear ideas : he wants to ennoble a metier humble and make a high form of craft through the pursuit of perfection functional and aesthetic . But in those days for many kids of Southern Italy like him the way of emigration is a fate . At 14 he reaches one of the brothers in America who works in a shoe factory in Boston. Salvatore is fascinated by the modern machinery and work processes but also horrified that is not a shoemaker . In the early twenties he moved then by another brother in Santa Barbara, California , where he opened a repair shop . The California of those years is the fabled land where the prosperous young film industry . Salvatore began to design and implement cowboy boots for western movies and Egyptian and Roman sandals for colossal historical important directors and producers . Soon actors and actresses they see the beauty and comfort of those shoes and begin to order them to Salvatore also for life off the set. Meanwhile, he , looking for ' shoes that fit is always good ' , he studied human anatomy, chemical engineering and mathematics at university in California. When the film industry moves to Hollywood , Salvatore Ferragamo follows . In 1923 he opened the Hollywood Boot Shop '' ' begins for him and his career as a ' shoemaker to the stars ' , as it defines the local press. In 1927 he returned to Florence and prepares to break into the world of fashion in Italy. A proponent of the first patent in the history of fashion with the invention of the wedge , Ferragamo opened stores in London and Rome , adopting modern business marketing strategies . Relies on a futurist artist for advertising and continues his activities during the war , using poor materials and innovative products, such as raffia and cork. Starting in the '60s appear the first total look , the production of bags and the lines to man . Today, Ferragamo is an international brand with stores in the main cities of the world . The footwear , icons of style , are characterized by original design , perfect fit and high quality materials .

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